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Confrontées à la nécessité de rassurer leur ecosystèmes et afin de répondre à la pression réglementaire. La certification en  est devenue une condition préalable au développement des startups et scale-ups sur leurs marchés. Problème : Elles ne disposent pas toujours de ressources internes dédiées à cette thématique. Notre offre vient adresser ce manque en couplant l'offre logicielle la plus aboutie du marché et l'expertise de notre équipe pour l'implémentation et le maintien de votre conformité

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Akant - Audit & conseil en sécurité de l'information, protection vie privée et IA. ISO27001 - SOC2 - NIS2 -IA Act - RGPD



SaaS data tech publisher


SOC2 type 1 and 2 

"Akant helped us in understanding the differences between SOC2 and ISO27001 and helped us in implementing an action plan to cover the security objectives of the framework. Their Knowledge of the ecosystem allowed us to select the right auditing organization and helped us choose the Vanta platform to automate our compliance."



SaaS HR Tech publisher



"Our organization had solid technical security foundations. Akant allowed us to take advantage of this by helping us formalize these different measures and enable us to obtain our ISO27001 certification in just 6 months. Their use of our own tools (Notion, Slack, Vanta) allowed us to save considerable time and focus on high value areas;added for our business. Our certification has allowed us to count among our clients the world's No. 2 in clothing distribution.

Akant - Audit & conseil en sécurité de l'information, protection vie privée et IA. ISO27001 - SOC2 - NIS2 -IA Act - RGPD


We look alike, that's why we understand each other.

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We have chosen to reflect our customers, which is why we have focused on the use of similar tools between our customers and us. In doing so, we facilitate the adoption of our solutions and significantly strengthen the fluidity of exchanges.